Friday, August 5, 2016

Mia update

Mia is doing better. The meds seemed to be doing their job as her eye is clearing up and she isn't sneezy much anymore. Mom is happy she is feeling better. The visit to the stabby place with Mia was the first since I went OTRB and it was hard emotionally on mom. She misses me so much (as I do her)! It's hard watching from the Rainbow Bridge when mom is sad. I'm so glad Mia is feeling better. Now if we can just get Mosby to behave! He's cute but he sure can be a pest to Mia. 

sifur Mia

Thanks for all the paw-sitive thoughts for Mia!

Angel CJ

Friday, July 29, 2016

Mia goes to the vet

Mia has been squinting a lot lately and pawing at her right eye so mom made an appointment for her to go the stabby place today. In true calico fashion (or any kitty really), she meowed the entire way there. She was pretty good when she got there though.

Mia at the stabby place

That is until they put the thermometer thingy you know where. I can't blame her for not being happy. I remember my visits to the stabby place and where they put that thermometer thingy. I don't have to worry about that here at the Rainbow Bridge though.

Anyhoo... back to Mia. Poor kitty has a Upper Respiratory Infection and Feline Ocular Herpesvirus (more commonly called FHV-1). Mom knew when she adopted her a few years ago that she had scar tissue on her eye possibly from FHV but she hasn't had a flare up until now. The vet asked if there is any new stress in the home. Well, yes actually there is Mosby!

Mosby at home
Mia and Mosby aren't exactly buddies. It's almost comical becuase Mosby is doing to Mia what Mia used to do to me. Chase! I didn't like it when Mia chased me and apparently Mia doesn't like it when Mosby chases her. Karma? Ok, I admit I actually thought it was funny at first but if it's causing Mia stress then it's not so funny. Stress is what often causes flare ups of the FHV and I don't want to see my sisfur hurting. Mosby - play nice would ya? I'm watching you from the Rainbow Bridge and want you to be nice to your sisfur Mia so she can feel better, okay! Mia has been started on pills and eye drops to combat both the URI and the FHV. She's not an easy kitty to pill or give eye drops to so mom's going to have a challenge on her hands for a few weeks. Poor mom.

Pals if you would keep Mia in your thoughts until she feels better that would be pawesome! 

Thanks pals!

Angel CJ

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The True Tails of Baker and Taylor

Mom likes to read and of course she loves cats so what better book to read than The True Tails of Baker and Taylor

What a great story about how cats can help bring together a community! Who doesn't love cats? Okay, there are a few people out there who don't but we'll just ignore them. After all cats are good at ignoring humans! Anyhoo, I don't want to spoil the story but if you have read it you know why mom cried at the end. It was a reminder for her how much she misses me. She actually had to put the book down for a bit to clear her leaky eyes. :( I sure do wish their were visiting hours at the Rainbow Bridge! I want to comfort mom and let her know I am doing great at the Rainbow Bridge. I have met many friends including brofur Cosmo. The catnip is plentiful and I am healthy again.

Mom says new brofur Mosby is doing great and has adjusted to being in her home. Sisfur Mia is still being a brat and hissing at Mosby but it's improving. They can now be in the same room together without much issues. There is some chasing. Is it mean that I chuckle when Mosby chases Mia? I mean she did chase me many times when I didn't want to be chased? Karma? I look over them and try to tell them to behave. Guess they are ignoring me. Hmpfff.... Guess I'll have to be a little more verbal. If a kitty can be heard from Kitty Heaven I sure am going to try! These 2 need to get along! I'll keep snoopervising from OTRB to make sure they do.

Until next time... take care pals!

Angel CJ

Friday, June 10, 2016

Meet the new kitty

Mom adopted a new kitty from Wayside Waifs today. She said Mia was driving her crazy wandering around at night meowing. She thinks Mia probably misses me and might do better with a new kitty at home. 

Mom misses me a lot. She said I will always have a special place in her heart that no other kitty will occupy but asked if it was ok to adopt another kitty. Mom talks to me a lot. I wish I could talk to mom and say YES, It's absolutely ok to rescue another kitty! Or maybe the kitty's rescuing mom? Us kitty's help our humans through a lot. Since I'm no longer physically there I hope Mia and the new kitty help mom through her grief. 

Anyhow....  Meet Mosby!

He probably thinks his name is "Hi Handsome" as mom says that a lot to him. He's not as handsome as me but I can see why mom thinks he's handsome. And look at those paws! Mosby is polydactyl. He not only has extra toes on his front paws but on his back paws too! He'll need those big paws to keep Mia in line. She thinks she's the alpha cat. Mosby might have something to say about that! 

Mosby was adopted from Wayside Waifs as a kitty back in 2013. He was recently surrendered to Wayside for behavior issues. The notes on him said he was shy and would hide. Who would surrender a kitty because they are shy? Sad! Mom has a soft spot for shy kitties. She adopted me after all! Yep, I was a shy kitty but not quite as shy as Mosby. He does hide under the bed quite a bit but he also makes his way out and about. He's not afraid of Mia and because of that, mom made the adoption final today. (Mosby has been on furlough with mom this week to make sure he would be a good fit.) It will be interesting to see how well Mosby adjusts to his new home and how long it will take Mia to adjust to him. Mia is a shy kitty too and there has been some hiding from both kitty's this week. It will be a process to get these two comfortable around each other.

Will my pals join me in welcoming Mosby to the family? Thanks anipals!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

It's been almost a month since CJ went to the Rainbow Bridge. The pain of the loss is still very real.

Miss you buddy!


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Meowing Diva

Mom says Mia is driving her crazy. She thinks Mia misses me since I have gone OTRB. She wanders around the house meowing in the middle of the night. This is new for Mia. She has never done this before. She certainly didn't do it when I was around. Mom says she is sniffing my beds. (I had some favorite things such as beds that Mia never really took a liking too and mom hasn't gotten rid of.) She's not really playing much either although mom did get her to play a little with the wand toy recently.

Mia the Diva

I have to admit that I never really was buddies with Mia even though she tried to be my buddy. (I was buddies with Cosmo and never really adjusted to Mia whom mom adopted 2 years after losing Cosmo in the fire). It sounds like Mia misses me. What's mom to do? I don't know if mom is ready to adopt a new kitty yet but maybe it would be good for Mia if she did? Is Mia just being a Diva now that she has the house to herself? Or is she ready for a new brofur or sisfur?  Looking out for mom and Mia from the Rainbow Bridge is hard!